4th of July recap

I think last year the 4th of July weekend was when I really fell in love with Des Moines. I spent two days at the first 80-35 music festival where there was great music, clear skies, a fabulous view of the downtown skyline and just about every friend I’ve made in town. Hippies, hula hoops, a distinctive smell wafting around. It was one of those blissful summer weekends you could never recreate if you tried.

So I knew I shouldn’t expect that again this year, but it was pretty disappointing when the first night of the music festival was doused in rain. After our 40-mile bike ride that morning we were all tired and a little cranky. The rain just put us over the edge.

But Saturday seemed to make it all OK. The sun never came out, but we took our waterproof fabric roll to the festival and listened to great music all day.

Then we caught the fireworks show on the way to our car.

Hope you had a great 4th!