Breakfast for dinner

The other day I discovered a half-full box of honey-wheat pancake mix in my kitchen cabinet, and couldn’t stop thinking about how good that might taste with a few farmers market blueberries mixed in.

So instead of making a savory dinner, I cooked pancakes last night. And even though this blog is primarily about from-scratch cooking, I fully give myself permission to make something from a box every now and then. It’s just not that big of a deal.

So, I mixed up the batter in my handy dandy mixing bowl with a spout so I could pour it easily, and it worked great.

Mmmmm, pancakes.

(Don’t worry, I did not eat this many pancakes. Usually what I do with leftovers is wrap two or three at a time in plastic, then freeze them. They taste great after a little thaw in the microwave.)

Then this morning I sprinkled a few leftover berries on a fat-free Greek yogurt, with a little bit of Grape Nuts and some agave nectar.

I love the creaminess of Greek yogurt, but to be honest, it tasted a bit strange to me, so I think I’ll stick with my regular Cultural Revolution organic yogurt. You just can’t go wrong with that stuff.