Garage sale finds

I almost forgot to show you what my mom and I found on our morning of garage sale-ing (and as I poked around her house to grab a few things before they made it into her antique mall booth).

There weren’t many sales going on in Lawrence that day, so we headed to Topeka instead. Right away I found a huge box of old fabric scraps for $2. I sorted it later, and found a lot I could use for my vintage fabric covered thumb tacks, and left the rest for my sister to plunder for sewing projects.

Later I found this great typewriter table with a wood top.

I think it was $5. With a new coat of paint and some love I think it could be really lovely, especially with my old typewriter on top.

I also just couldn’t leave without this plastic pitcher. It just has such a cool shape and color. I’m keeping it in my office to water the plants.

I didn’t take photos of the other things, but I did get some more partially burnt candles to remelt, some extra large glass canning jars (I’m thinking they might find their way into a wedding centerpiece), and a hardback book.

I’m kicking myself now for not taking photos of what my mom found: A great retro looking TV, two metal tables that look like something out of Austin Powers (think hot pink flowers) and the most amazing ’60s swimsuit that looks like the retro styles you’re seeing now in Anthropologie and such.

In addition to more fabric, I also grabbed this great feather duster and a bright red Samsonite suitcase that I think I’ll remake on the inside and use as a display at craft fairs.

And finally, the very best score, a Pyrex polka dot bowl.

I have been wanting one of these for a long time. Now I’m on the hunt for the rest of the set!