Wedding colors and paper flowers

The wedding is still about 13 months away, but I have made a little progress I can share with you. (And by the way, even if your wedding is 10 years away, you will still get bombarded by crazed bridal store employees).

I picked out some colors I really love.

I’d had my heart set on chocolate brown for bridesmaid dresses, and thankfully that color (here it’s called espresso) is still very popular and easy to find. I’m also dreaming of a white wedding dress with a brown sash or ribbon. I think there needs to be a touch of something different there.

The accent color I love is persimmon, a slightly reddish orange. Since this will be a fall wedding – or somewhere between late summer and fall – I think this combination will work perfectly.

Martha Stewart Weddings had a great spread on DIY paper flowers recently, and I absolutely love their tutorial for making tissue paper pom-poms to hang from a ceiling. They have a how-to for smaller flowers that they suggest making into napkin rings. I’m thinking I will make bunches of these in different sizes and colors (maybe pink and cream along with the orange) and create centerpieces. That could save quite a bit of money on fresh flowers.

So, last night I made a test version and it worked so well!

I absolutely love this look. You can also make the little tissue paper accordions in advance, and then unfold them when you get to the location so they don’t get squashed in transit.