How the garden grows

Finally the garden has started to become our own little produce section. I love going out there to see how the zucchini are growing (surprisingly slowly) or to pick a few things for dinner.

So far we have carrots that are purple outside, orange inside, and beets.

Gorgeous swiss chard.

Unfortunately I don’t know what the hell to do with it. I’m not a fan of sauteed greens, and it just doesn’t seem right to toss them in a soup when it’s 92 degrees outside. So far my ideas were lasagna or green smoothies.

We have bell peppers that should eventually turn red.

And some poblano peppers that are still pretty tiny.

There are many, many tomatoes out there but they just won’t quite turn red yet. Come on babies!

The basil is going crazy. I can’t seem to make enough pesto to keep up with it, and since the tomatoes aren’t red, I can’t yet put it in the many pots of sauce I’m sure I’ll be making.

But this, this is my favorite. Our friends gave us a tiny watermelon plant in the spring and it is now about a 6-foot long sprawling vine with tiny little melons on it. They are so cute. I hope they survive.

And then there’s the enemy. Our black walnut tree is starting to drop these suckers all over.

And while it’s cool to have a nut tree, I don’t really have the patience to shell and cure them (the juice inside is like henna, it will absolutely stain everything). So they just drop like crazy all over the driveway and then we drive over them and they crack and I get really irritated. If I have to get out there in my bike helmet and shovel them into a wheelbarrow again I might lose my mind.

How does your garden grow lately?