More garage sale finds

So when I said I was going to give myself a vacation, I didn’t realize how disconnected I was going to get. From the Internets, that is. I didn’t check my blog, my etsy, my reader, and only my emails a couple times. It was like I forgot they existed, I was having such a good time. I didn’t even read the book I brought or work on my blanket. But man did I sleep good every night. It seems I needed a break.

But what I did do was spend some quality time with a lot of people I don’t get to see enough. Both of my grandmas, good friends from high school and college, my parents, my sister. Good stuff.

Oh, and then there was a little garage sale-ing, of course. My mom and I went out twice, and then I sorted through some stuff that my dad and Bonnie were going to sell in their garage sale, and “shopped” in my mom’s house.

You can see a LOT of it in my Etsy shop. I’m taking a stab at selling some of the vintage Pyrex, Fire King and Temporama dishes I found, among other things.

Then I kept a few things for myself. Thought this stripey juice glass would be perfect in the bathroom.

And this shelf will be great for displaying items at craft shows.

It just needs some new pulls and a little cleaning spray. At first I thought it was white, but it’s really light green. Real sturdy wood for only $5!

My mom wasn’t able to sell this adorable Fire King dish, so I took it for myself…

She was going to put this thing in her ’70s display at the antique mall, but I just died laughing over it and then I took it for my kitchen.

I thought these mugs would be good for morning coffee or photography purposes. Love the colors.

I also took a giant ornate mirror that I’m going to transform into a sign for craft fairs, but I think I will share that when I’m all finished with it.

Considering my budget was nil, I still managed to have a blast spending only a few dollars on these things. It’s the thrill of the hunt!

Maybe in another post I’ll show you what we got digging through bargains at an NBC store. Do you know about NBCs? (not the TV station). It’s like Filene’s Basement but even crazier, and only the strong survive all the racks. Since department stores are probably struggling more in this economy, there are more bargains than ever to be found. We found some. Of course. More later.