Swag from the swap

I just had to share some of the goodies I picked up at the Swap-o-Rama-Rama. Volunteers got goodie bags filled with crafty gifts from local artists. Even the bags themselves were handmade from old t-shirts.

I have been wanting one of Urban Posture‘s screenprinted kitchen towels for a while now, so that was a bonus. I have one of their t-shirts and I wear it all the time.

And how cute is this feather headband by Whiskerpaws?

Overall I think the swap went really well for a first-time event and I’m glad I was part of it. There were just enough people there to keep it busy without overloading the piles of clothes and the workshops that were going on.

Now we’re talking about organizing a craft swap, where people can bring old fabric, yarn, paints, etc. that they don’t need anymore. Love it!