Shelf updated

Remember this garage sale bargain?

It now looks like this!

I swapped out the ugly knobs for some more modern ones, then painted the sides of the drawer lavender and lined the inside with polka dot Contact paper. I love it, and can’t wait to see it filled with all my handmade goodies.

Eggplant pizza and roasted zucchini

Yesterday as we were running errands we kept finding that one store led to another led to another… because there was always one thing the first store didn’t have. So finally we ended up at Gateway Market (the closest thing we’ve got to Whole Foods in town), and as usual our eyes got big and we started throwing expensive things into the basket.

But I’m very glad we splurged a little because our dinner was fantastic. Mike took a whole grain pizza dough and some gourmet mozzarella and provolone, plus a fresh eggplant and turned it into this.

He rolled the eggplant slices in breadcrumbs and cornmeal (a great, crunchy addition) and fried it just as if we were having eggplant parmesan. They were SO good.

And I made my go-to side dish of late, roasted zucchini. Even on the grill I don’t think zucchini is as good as it is roasted in the oven with a little salt, pepper and olive oil plus a few sweet onion slices. Then, after I take the zucchini out of the oven I add a dab of butter for a little extra richness.

Of course, it’s even better if you make it in a cute Pyrex dish.

Retro ripple blanket finished!

The other day as I was slogging away at the zillionth row of my ripple blanket, I realized that if I made it as big as I originally planned it was going to be absolutely gigantic. I definitely overestimated the width. And not that a huge cozy blanket isn’t a good thing, but I didn’t want to invest any more time or money into something that was big enough already. So I flip-flopped the orientation, measured it, and found that it would already fit on our queen sized bed. It is something like 63 by 87 inches.

So, I wove in the ends and called it a finished blanket.

I think it will actually live on the couch as a throw or a guest comforter because the dogs jump on our bed too much for me to be comfortable leaving it there. I can just see doggie toenails digging into all those pretty rows – yikes!

Next up, I am going to start bulking up my scarf supply for winter sales and experimenting with petite baby blankets. I will also have a big announcement soon – stay tuned! (Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with me needing baby blankets).