Rachel Gold’s cross-country vintage journey

Yesterday I got to meet the adorable Rachel Gold, a fellow Etsy seller who is moving from Philadelphia to L.A. and stopping at cities along the way to go to thrift stores and meet vintage sellers from Etsy. What a genius idea! I wish I’d thought of it.

Anyway, she wanted to stop by and see how I’d decorated my house with various vintage items, and I was more than happy to show my stash. Read about it here.

I tend to think of myself more as a crafter than as a collector, but it was fun to go through my house and realize how many thrifted items I do have both as useful things in the kitchen or as decor.

So thanks to Rachel for reminding me how cool vintage items can be, and also for connecting vintage lovers all over the country through her journey. I can’t wait to see what she does with all the interviews she has collected. Stay tuned!

The sign, finished

I had quite a few craft fails getting up to this point. I had originally based this project on a giant logo with black words and multicolored buttons in the background. But since I stole all of the red and green buttons out of my stash for last year’s button wreaths, my multicolored buttons were looking mostly gray and brown.

So I headed to Michael’s to buy some more, and of course, they were completely out. Hancock Fabrics across the street was closed, but JoAnn finally came through with two packages of colored buttons.

When I got home I started arranging them, which was a very time-consuming process. At first I decided the colors were too bright, so I removed a bunch of pink and orange buttons to make it more subdued. Once I did that Mike announced that he couldn’t read the words. Gah!

So I took out all the multicolored buttons and replaced them with white. And since the board was looking a little empty at the top and bottom I added my tagline and my name to fill it in.

And after all that work… I still didn’t like it.

It was a tough decision, but I realized the project wasn’t worth doing if I didn’t love the final product, so I plucked off all the buttons, one-by-one. It finally occurred to me that what was wrong was the background. It was just too plain, and since a tapestry of buttons made it unreadable, I needed cool paper instead. I dug through my stash of Martha Stewart wrapping paper I got on clearance and found just the right pattern.


So after buying all those buttons, I only ended up using a few, but oh well. I have the cute and kitschy sign I wanted, and I’m feeling ready to tackle the many, many craft fairs that are going on this fall. Even last year there was only really one that appealed to my demographic, but now I can hardly keep up with all the emails about new craft fairs. This makes me very, very happy.