My first time making bread

No-knead bread, to be exact.

I don’t have the patience for a bread that needs multiple sets of kneading and rising. In my house, that’s Mike’s department. But I was getting kind of sad that I’d never made bread. And what kind of Martha would I be if I didn’t tackle that challenge?

So, since we are now in possession of an old cast iron dutch oven, I thought I would pull out the recipe I saved from Mother Earth News for no-knead bread and give it a try. Apparently the steaming action from the pot-with-lid method, mimics that of high-heat ovens that bakeries use. You may not get bread that good, but you can come close.

I think my bread came out great. I used half white and half whole-wheat flour, and even though I’m all about healthier breads I think I would go with all-white next time. The texture was fine – crusty outside, chewy inside. But for an artisan-type bread that begs for a slice of brie and a smear of jam, I just prefer white.

Anyway, I started the dough last night and let it sit overnight. Right before lunch I patted it into shape and let it rise for a couple hours. Then I put it in the oven and baked it for 45 minutes. Super easy. Definitely messy when you have to clean all that sticky dough off your dishes. But overall, for someone with very little patience for breadmaking, I think this recipe is a winner.