Freelancing: months two and three

Compared to the last couple of months, July (my first month as a freelancer) was an absolute breeze. In August, everything just became real.

I realized that having lost an assignment that brought in several hundred dollars a month with no replacement, I was getting a little bit behind each month. I started asking Mike to pay for more things while I scrambled for more assignments. But the assignments I’m getting now just don’t compare compensation-wise. I don’t see that changing until the economy changes. Gah!

There’s also this emotional roller coaster that comes with not knowing where your paycheck is coming from each month. You worry and worry, and then sometime in the space of a day or two you’re suddenly fine. I’m getting better at handling it, but it can be really terrifying.

You’re also home all day by yourself, so it’s easy to get lost in your own head, thinking you are doing something terribly wrong, and then realizing that you can do nothing but put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. Not every effort works out the first time, but that’s how you learn.

Ultimately I made the decision to lower my stress level about money considerably and cash in some stock. I waited as long as I could before doing that, but it I knew that if I continued to get behind each month, I’d really be sorry later.

In better news, the craft selling prime season is coming up, and I’m starting to see a little return on the items I make and find. If I can get to the point of teaching Nia at least once a week, that would round out my income sources. And like I said before, I think that’s the best you can do as a freelancer. Diversify your income sources as much as possible. Always keep an eye out for new possibilities.

The best part about the last two months has definitely been starting to teach Nia. I love it beyond all my expectations. My fitness level has increased to the point that some of the hour-long routines actually seem too easy. And can I just say a little hallelujah for the fact that I pulled out a pair of jeans from last season and they were too big? I will never join a gym again. I’ve found my movement and I’m not turning back.

Mike got me some Web hosting space, so my next big project is to put together all my clips, resume, etc. into a nice site. Eventually it may merge with my blog, but that’s a way’s off, I think. I’m also spending just about every spare moment knitting so that I’ll have plenty of inventory for winter.

I know way too many people, hard workers, who have lost their jobs this year, and it makes me thankful that I made the decision to leave on my own terms when I felt it was right. If it’s hard, I have to be at peace with the fact that it was my decision, and so far, that’s what makes me pull it together and keep on truckin’.