The crazy things we do to get fit

Some of us were chatting during the stretching part of our Nia class tonight about all the torturous exercise classes we’ve put ourselves through in the past. And not that it’s not important to push yourself in the name of fitness, but some of the stuff we’ve done has been truly insane. I paid a personal trainer to time me doing planks (a move I hate more than just about anything) and balance on a half-ball thing with weights in each hand. Another girl took a class where an instructor screamed at her until she cried. It’s no wonder we quit after a while.

I think maybe we just stopped believing there was a way to work out that wasn’t painful or miserable.

Finding Nia was such a blessing after all that. I love the music (and you can buy Nia Sounds CDs just to listen to – they’re even on sale right now). I love that we all have different body shapes, including the teachers, and nobody cares. I love that we’re dancing and moving and sweating, and all the sudden an hour’s gone by and we’re still sitting around talking because no one’s ready to leave.

My neighbors probably think I’m crazy when I’m dancing around my living room practicing routines. But hey, at least I’m happy doing it. I give you permission to dance around, if that’s what feels good to you.

See? Fun!

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Have you found the exercise that fits you perfectly? What crazy things have you done in the name of fitness?