This morning we woke up to quite a sight, snow coming down just like it was December.

The news had been saying we were about to get a hard freeze, so we brought in the rest of our green tomatoes and peppers yesterday when it was still cool and sunny.

My poor pumpkins.

I had some oatmeal and a cup of tea and huddled under my ripple blanket, which has turned out to be as warm and enveloping as I’d hoped it would.

Last night I could feel my throat getting scratchy, and sure enough I’ve got the clogged ears and snots to go with it now. I think I’ll just stay under my blanket today. We’ve got the New York Times crossword to keep us busy.

Pyrex polka dot heaven

A package arrived on my doorstep today that made me super excited — because I finally got to complete my set of Pyrex polka dot bowls!

Except… there is actually one more bowl, the coveted green dots bowl, that I have yet to add to my collection. But I will probably have to save my pennies for that one.

But wait, it gets better. I actually got three orange bowls in the mail today.

It was a good deal, I couldn’t resist. One of them will probably go into my etsy shop soon, so keep an eye on it.

The perfect fall scarf

October’s in-between-y weather calls for a scarf that’s cozy but not so stifling that you have to take it off the minute you get indoors. This lacy lightweight scarf can be made with just about any yarn you like (and it’s a great way to use up your stash), but I used super soft organic merino wool.

Here’s the pattern:

Lightweight lace scarf

1 skein Sublime organic merino wool
Size J/10 crochet hook
Tapestry needle

Chain 20. Single crochet into the 8th chain from the hook. Chain 5. Skip 3 stitches and single crochet into the 4th stitch over. Repeat ch 5 and SC into 4th stitch until you reach the end. Chain 5, turn.

Row 2: SC into the middle of the loop you just made. Chain 5 and SC into the next loop. Repeat until the end of the row, ch 5 and turn. Repeat the pattern across every row until piece measures 60 inches. Weave in ends.

 I’ve made this scarf with a lot of different yarns. I really liked the softness and extra bulk of Lion Brand’s organic cotton yarn

This pattern is really adaptable to whatever yarn you want to use and whatever length and width you want the scarf to be.

It’s been really fun seeing all the different versions on Ravelry. You gotta love a pattern that works up this quickly and easily!

Sadie says …

“I will sit on the new blanket, but only if you fluff it for me first.”