One down, two to go

Last weekend’s Green Gifts Fair was so fantastic, I was a little blown away. I always wonder if the economic downturn will keep people from buying handmade (it’s not like I don’t know that you can get adorable gifts for a lot less money at Target, etc.). But then people come out in droves to these shows and it gives me a bit of the warm and fuzzies. So, thank you to everyone who came out last weekend.

This weekend is Craft Saturday, which I’m also very excited about. Details are a couple posts down. Posting will be light over the next couple weeks as I prepare for this, Market Day, and Thanksgiving with my family. I don’t have Mike to help me either, as he’s on a business trip to Denmark.

Though I’m working more at my temp job in December, I hope to have some more tutorials, and perhaps some cookie recipes posted next month…

Here’s a peek from Etsy at some of the knitted goodies I’ll have on Saturday: