Mitten wrap, so cute

Take a swing by the $1 aisle at Target next time you’re there. They have the most adorable mitten wrapping paper, plus tissue paper and gift bags of all sizes.

The bags even have tiny matching mitten tags.

I also picked up a big roll of mitten wrapping paper, that came in a two pack with pink polka dot wrap.

AND, because I’ve become a little obsessed, I added this mitten paper to my Paper Source order, when I got next year’s Snow & Graham calendar.

( was out of them and it looks like Paper Source is, too now.)

Loving: Christmas decor

Our little pink tree, which Making It Lovely reminds me came after an issue of Blueprint. We have two tiny trees instead of a big one. Mainly because we don’t want to find out what our dogs would do to a big one.

Giant cinnamon sticks. Did you know they came this big? Actually these are probably fakes, but I’ve heard that the cinnamon you buy at the store actually comes from giant cinnamon sticks and the ones you buy whole are different.

Sparkly ornaments in a bowl. Got them at one of Michael’s super coupon sales for only $2.50!

Cute ornaments Mike brought back from Denmark.

The soccer nutcracker. Thanks, mom.

And a few non-Christmas things…

The loveliest pin cushion from Handmade Pretties.

A lifesaving device to have this time of year: a sweater shaver. After I stupidly washed a North Face fleece jacket with a bath rug every millimeter was covered in blue fuzz. This baby got it all clean (if only it also dispensed a dog hair repellant). $8 at Target.

And last but not least, Charley Harper prints. Get them free, here.