What’s in my purse?

Oh, I’m sure you were just dying to know…

I recently got a super cool purse organizer (from sweetbriarstudio on etsy), which not only helps you keep track of all the things that disappear inside your suitcase purse, it allows you to switch all of your belongings into a different purse any time you feel like it. LOVE IT.

Anyway, I love seeing what other people carry around in their purses, so I thought I’d share what’s in mine:

•Clamshell wallet, from Urban Outfitters
•Checkbook (cover from Monster Fashion)

•Business card holder from Gracie Designs

•Coupon organizer (yes, I am that dorky, or thrifty, you might say)
•Kleenex pack
Envirosax reusable shopping bag
•Mini notebook, which was my seating assignment from a friend’s wedding
•Lotion, pills, ID, lip gloss, sunglasses and floss
•Fold out mirror and tiny foldup scissors (these are amazing and people always need them to cut tags, etc.)
•And perhaps the strangest but one of the most useful, a collapsible tupperware container that I use to put leftovers in instead of taking a million styrofoam containers (great idea I stole from our friends Brigid and Aaron)

Normally I have my camera and cell phone in there, too.

So, what’s hiding in your purse?

Vintage fabric garland

Last night I attended my second crafty class at Ephemera. This time we were making garlands out of fabric leftovers. I brought along some red and white fabric I’d found at an estate sale. Even though the pattern wasn’t Christmasy per se, I thought the color combination said Christmas for sure.

All we did was cut fabric circles, glue them to a cardstock backing for extra strength, and sew them to ribbon. (Or in my case, get halfway through and switch to glueing to make it go faster).

Mine is hanging up now, and I just love it.

Thanks, Amy!