Favorite cookies: My take on the million dollar cookie

There’s been a lot of buzz about Pillsbury’s million-dollar-winning cookie recipe for Double-Delight Peanut Butter Cookies (get it here), so I thought I’d see if it was all it was cracked up to be.

I’m normally a natural peanut butter girl, but for the sake of accuracy, I went with Jif, plus the already made peanut butter cookie dough log. They only had the family-size log at my grocery store, so I’ll tell you later what I did with the extra half.

I did make one adjustment to the recipe, though. I left out the crushed peanuts. It’s just a personal preference, kind of like choosing creamy peanut butter over crunchy. I think plain peanuts are sort of dry and not all that tasty so I just left them out. I also think if I had it to do over, I would leave out the cinnamon and instead roll the dough balls in a coating of turbinado sugar. Perhaps the recipe would only be worth half a million then, but that’s what I’d do.

Anyway, here’s a peek at the assembly process.

First you have to make the sugary peanut butter balls that go in the center of the dough.

It looks like the powdered sugar will never mix in, but eventually it does and you get this.

I found the best way to divide the big ball into 24 even little ones was to divide it in half, then half again. From those pieces you know you have to get six little balls, and that’s pretty easy.

Then you divide the dough log in the same way. Take a piece of dough, flatten it in your palm, and drop the peanut butter ball inside. Then you sort of wrap the edges of dough around till they meet and roll it smooth.

Followed by a coat of cinnamon sugar (and nuts if you like them).

When you have all your dough balls lined up on a cookie sheet, then you’re supposed to smash them with the bottom of a glass coated in cooking spray.

Just for kicks I skipped that part for one tray just to see what would happen and I could see that if you leave them rounded, they end up very puffy in the middle and somewhat burnt at the edges. You can see the difference on the tray. My second batch was a little smaller, too.

The final cookies were very tasty, I have to say. I’m a huge fan of sugary peanut butter (hello Reese’s!), so I loved the soft centers of the cookies. I’m sure you could do this with regular peanut butter cookie dough from your own recipe and it would be just as good.

Oh yeah, and about the other half of that cookie dough log. I had some Reese’s pieces that I wanted to use up, so I just mixed them into the dough. My other version of peanut butter on peanut butter cookies was pretty awesome. I don’t know why the standard seems to be to make them with regular cookie dough.

How do you like your PB cookies? Have you tried the million dollar recipe?