A breakfast treat

This morning I tried to recreate my new favorite breakfast, from the lovely French bakery where some girlfriends and I have been having breakfast get-togethers.

The original breakfast was two eggs over medium with a slice of crusty bread covered with cream cheese, sprouts and avocado slices. I didn’t have any avocado or artisan bread, so I substituted wheat toast and some strawberry jam.

Oh man, was it good. You should really try it. Just a little salt and pepper over the eggs and they’re heaven.

How to eat a pomegranate

I tried soaking a pomegranate in water to see if that would make it easier to get apart, but it didn’t make any noticeable difference to me.

What I do is peel some of the skin off and then take out one chunk at a time and pluck out all the seeds. That way I can sort out the bad ones as I go and have a neat little pile of seeds. I can’t believe how much is left at the end!

One pomegranate is really more like 5 servings of fruit. It takes a while to separate all the seeds, but it’s worth it. If you haven’t had pomegranate seeds before, they’re sweet, tart, and have a crunchy seed in the middle like raspberries.

I just like to eat the seeds plain, but you can use them as a topper for cereal, yogurt or oatmeal. Or they’re really good in a cocktail. You can squish ’em up to get the juice out. Just be careful because it really stains.

Sleeping beauty

Caught Sadie sleeping on her Nylabone. How could that be comfortable?

I should also mention that she’s sleeping on the dogs’ early Christmas present. It’s a Molly Mutt dog duvet cover. They’re so cool. You buy the cover in one of many adorable patterns and stuff it full of old clothes, towels, blankets, or even an old dog bed. The duvets are very affordable, and they come in the mail with a button and a sweet handwritten note. Our doggies took to it right away.