Snowed in

It turns out, the blizzard was for real. Not only did we get what forecasters predicted, we got more. As of this morning Des Moines had 14.5 inches of snow.

Our trashcans have been our snow rulers so far.

We are literally stuck here, as the front door only opens about a foot, and we can’t get out of the driveway or our street, which remains unplowed.

Some of the drifts are pretty incredible. My poor neighbor’s lighted trees have been absolutely buried.

But his sparkly deer actually look about right now.

When I went out to take pictures I couldn’t find the steps!

Our herb pots are under there somewhere. Probably should have brought them in.

Reggie loves the snow.

Sadie won’t go outside but for a minute or two. They shouldn’t be out long anyway because the wind is just brutal.

If you’re snowed in, too, I hope you’re staying warm and safe. I’m catching up on knitting and reading, and trying to steel myself for tomorrow’s shoveling (in my homemade Snuggie, of course!)