The dresses

Last weekend I chose my wedding dress. It was a surprisingly painless process (except for the torture devices they clip you into. But you can’t complain too much when your flab disappears…)

I couldn’t get an appointment at one place and only got one at a second store because someone canceled. But really I think the stars aligned for our shopping day. My mom and sister were able to zip up from Kansas after yet another snowstorm delayed our plans, attend a Nia class and get to our first appointment at a place that was friendly and patient and not at all pushy.

I found a dress I liked there, but decided to continue to our second appointment, just in case. We drove all the way out to Perry, Iowa to a bridal store on recommendations from several people I met during the planning of last year’s Juice wedding issue. One of the employees is this pint-sized woman who’s been dressing brides for decades, and she was so complimentary and sweet. She said I have a lot of “pluses” when it comes to wearing dresses.

And there I found the winner, the one, the dress that’s as me as you’ll find. My mom cried, and made me cry. We decided it was the long line of tiny white buttons up the back that was the most special. I don’t know why, I just wanted them.

So here’s your sneak peek. I don’t even know the name of the dress, I just know I’m lucky to have it.

I also picked out the bridesmaid dresses (beforehand, actually) because I had known for a while that the J.Crew Sophia dress was exactly what I wanted. It also came in the right color and was on sale about a month ago, so the bridesmaids already have them. And I was right. They are perfect!

My friend Jennie also picked out a dress over the weekend, and we both agreed that we were pretty shocked at how set people get about all the “shoulds” of weddings. If you don’t have colors, if you don’t have a date set, if you don’t want to get married in a church it’s like you’ve committed a crime or something. And I’m all about being organized, but I certainly don’t think the world will stop if you want to break tradition. See, A Practical Wedding, for more sanity.

So now we’ve got to start looking at menswear. Actually, we have been looking already and it’s tough to find exactly what we want. H&M seems to have the most potential, but we don’t have one here. Oh well. I’m all about traveling to shop!