Loving: A shelf for my Pyrex bowls

Finally, I have a place to show off my collection of vintage Pyrex bowls besides the dusty top of the refrigerator. We bought this expedit shelf from IKEA while we were in Minneapolis. We also got the desk attachment because Mike has had a hard time working in the living room without a dog clamped to each arm on the couch. Now I am wishing my office desk was so nice!

You can also see my keep calm poster in the background. Love it.


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    Julie says

    Aaaah! I love it. That's so funny, because just this morning I was thinking I may need to get a shelf for our dining area that allows me to display my growing Pyrex collection, as they're all hidden in cupboards right now (or in the dish dryer, as I use them all the time).

    And the reason I start thinking this was, of course, because a box arrived from a certain Des Moines couple yesterday with two more terrific pieces to add to my collection … thank you!