Okay winter, you’ve made your point

And it’s time to move on.

Just once I would like to take a trip without fear of dying by swerving semi truck.

Just once I would like to know that my dogs are still in the yard, not having used the snow as a step to hop over the fence.

I want mice to stop using my house as a warm retreat.

I want my windshield wipers to work.

I want to feel my toes again.

Is that too much to ask?

Our drive back from Wyoming (where we attended Julie’s awesome wedding reception, more on that soon) was another harrowing adventure on I-80. Though it was beautiful and sunny, we started with ice leftover from the previous day’s snow. Then about 4 or 5 blissful, uninterrupted hours before blowing snow in Nebraska scared the living crap out of us. Or me at least. Mike is from Wisconsin. ‘Nuff said.

This is what the median looked like much of the time. If you can’t tell, there is actually a car so badly smashed that someone has covered it with cardboard boxes so you can’t see it.

Then, after the blowing snow stopped, it started falling from the sky. Because you know what we needed more than anything was MORE SNOW.

I actually liked shoveling the driveway about the first 26 times I did it, because it’s a pretty awesome workout and it makes me feel like I am hardcore in some way. But now, there is literally nowhere to put the snow. All politeness about not putting snow in your neighbor’s yard is gone. If there is space, that’s where the snow is going.

I was trying to use my shovel to illustrate how high the snow layers (that haven’t melted) have become in the front yard. It’s well over the top of the base, maybe 2 feet total. Will I ever see my grass again?

The icicles on the front porch have become deadly. I hope I don’t get sued by the mailman, who has to walk underneath them daily.

I think I’ll move to Vancouver. I hear it’s much warmer and has way less snow there.

I’ve started calling this our year in Duluth. Minnesota seems like a piece of cake now.

On the plus side, the Olympics are on, and I am one of those people who needs to watch every event, even if I have no idea how it works. I love it all.

And aren’t these tiny snowflakes pretty?