Wyoming kicked my ass

Most people probably don’t travel 11 hours to Wyoming for a weekend, and they probably don’t go in February for a wedding. But we are not most people.

We took our crazy trip last weekend for my lovely friend Julie’s wedding. She and her husband, Blinn, had their reception in the tiny town of Centennial, about a half hour from Laramie. And when I say tiny, I mean the population sign says 100.

We stayed at the Old Corral, a place that takes the western theme very seriously.

We only really had time to do one outdoorsy thing while we were there, so instead of downhill skiing (which I know I cannot master in one day), we decided to go cross country skiing in the woods. I’d done it once before, on a groomed course in the suburbs of Minneapolis. But this time was a lot different.

Let’s just say that if the person leading you climbs mountains for a living, maybe you should ask just how long this route is before you agree to do it.

I’m not sure how long it took everyone else in the group, but it took me three and half hours. It was as much downhill as it was flat. I must have fallen a hundred times. It was one of those moments that was a true test of character. But I did it. I’d like to think with more practice I’d get better, but all I can say for sure is that I made it, and with only a couple bruises to my knees.

At one point we did stop and take some photos because it was just gorgeous back there. It snowed this perfectly calm, picturesque snow. I wish I could have enjoyed it more!

Next time … massage?