Try Nia for free!

If any of my posts have made you curious about what a Nia class is like, or you have been on the fence about checking it out, here is your opportunity to do it without spending a dime.

I am teaching a freebie class at Firehouse Yoga this Friday at 5:15. Firehouse is a great studio space at 2300 University in Des Moines. Beginning in March I’ll be teaching Nia there weekly (I believe Thursdays at 5:30). So we’re doing this demo class to get people excited and show them what Nia is all about.

I’m hoping to do the routine Opal, which is my absolute favorite so far. It’s challenging, super fun and the music is fantastic.

Just as a recap, Nia is like an aerobics class with an holistic spin. It’s an hour -long routine set to music. The beginning is a warmup, the middle very energetic, and the end a cool down with stretching and usually some yoga poses. If you’re a regular yogi who sometimes wishes for a faster paced class, or a former dancer who misses dancing, or someone who likes to work out but dislikes a gym setting, you might really love Nia, so give it a try!