Craft show this weekend!

It’s so nice to know that in the depths of winter, during the post-Christmas slump (when sales always come to a screeching halt), our local community is still supportive of us makers.

Saturday I will be selling my wares at the Living Room coffee shop, the most adorable place in Valley Junction. Stop by, if you get a chance! You can see some of my new goodies in the Etsy display to the left.


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    SaralehB says

    Sounds to me like you're a 100% successful feminist; you've picked your path and seem to be following it with relish.

    Now – about crafts. I – a committed feminist – also love cooking and knitting and other good old "women's" things. I'm currently in the middle of knitting a shawl from white Eros yarn but have run out and can't find any for sale anywhere. If anyone has some they'd be willing to sell/share or knows where to buy it I'd be so very grateful.

    Great blog!

    SaralehB at

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    Kathy says

    Those pillows are adorable!! The only bad thing about them would be choosing a color. I hope you sell a lot tomorrow!