A rockin’ reunion

My sister, Megan, dad and me.

So last weekend I went home to Kansas to see my dad play bass guitar with his band from the ’70s, Plain Jane. They were being inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame, and since I’d never actually seen my dad play with them before, I didn’t want to miss it.

Dad and my stepmom, Bonnie.

He left the band in 1978, and I was born in ’80. The rest of the band continued to play up until 1992.

I can remember having a Plain Jane poster in our basement, and my dad getting out his acoustic guitar to play random songs on occasion, but really I know him as a computer programmer more than a musician. So it was cool to see that other side of him. Isn’t it funny to imagine the life your parents had before you came along?

It was really fun to see them play, but I think it might have actually been more fun to hear all the stories from back in the day. They traveled all over the Midwest to play shows and had quite a few adventures. They apparently played a regular gig at a strip club in Salina, where they had to introduce all the dancers. They ate a lot of Denny’s because it was the only thing open late at night. I’m sure there are a lot more stories they’d rather keep to themselves…

Here are some photos of the band in the ’70s. Gotta love the hair! My dad is at the bottom right.

There were lots of changes to the lineup, and apparently at one point two guys who went on to be in the band Kansas were in Plain Jane. One of them, Rich Williams, is in the next photo at top left.

Mike took this video of Plain Jane singing one of their original songs at the induction ceremony.

I am dying for one of their T-shirts now. I just love the logo – classic!


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    Anonymous says

    Travis said he would make new t-shirts from the original that I have. I take it you want one?? Nice blog story….thanks sweetie!