Mama needs a new bike

As much as I love my hybrid bike that I’ve had for years and years but only recently started putting miles on, it’s just not quite right for me anymore. All the people I ride with have road bikes, and quite frankly, I’m tired of getting smoked.

So, does anyone have any suggestions on how/where to find the bike of my dreams? I live pretty close to a great bike shop, and I plan to go and look at both new and used options. However, I know how easy it is to get sucked into buying a $1,000 bike when you don’t really need one…


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    MsAmanda says

    My husband just got into biking two years ago and he got a good bike at Barr's on University. He had the same concern and felt good about their service and his bike. He's used it for RABGRAI the last two years and is using it again this year.

    Bonus, he paid less than $1,000.

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    Julie says

    Well if you hold off on a new bike, I could always come back and bring my matching Trek so you could leave me in the dust … I miss bike rides in Des Moines!

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    Erin says

    Last year I rode BRAMCO on a female inspired Schwinn and less than a mile into it I decided I was buying a road bike. I then had the next 40+ miles biking way behind everyone else to think about it. I bought the starter level of a 2009 Specialized Allez Sport at Irwin's and while I love my bike there was a problem with the shifter that resulted in me riding all of RAGBRAI on my small ring. I had to take it back to Irwin's twice and I think the problem has now been resolved. After all was paid for it was about $1000 or $1050. But I learned that you should probably buy better pedals than the cheapest and an odometer with cadence would be better than the lower end one I bought.

    My fiance then paid $1200 for a mint condition ten year old LiteSpeed that was worth about $4000 new with all the work the previous owner put into it. All is not fair in bike buying so shop around for sure.