Thoughts on Stevia?

Lately I’ve been thinking I could really use a solution for my coffee drinking that does not come with a zillion calories or high fructose corn syrup. For some reason I am really attached to fake creamer, and when I try half & half with sugar, it seems like I have to dump tons and tons of sugar in there to even be able to taste it (Mike likes coffee super dark and strong). So, I picked up some of these Stevia in the Raw packets at the grocery store, thinking that might be at least a somewhat more natural low-cal alternative.

I put one of the packets in a big glass of green tea this morning, and it was just the right amount of sweetness for me. Does anyone else use Stevia? It seems like a good thing, but is it too good to be true?


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    (In)Sanity Gal says

    I use stevia along with xylitol in baking for my girlfriend (who is not able to eat sugar), and I think health-wise, it is as good as it sounds. I think that it has a slight aftertaste, so I generally prefer xylitol in things like tea or coffee (though I'm an agave nectar girl myself). But I often mix in stevia with the xylitol when I do baking. I say if you like it – go for it!

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    yodasmith says

    Use SweetLeaf brand of stevia in baking without adding extra sugar (unless you count the sugar in the chocolate chips or almond butter, or something!). I love that it is 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 GI and 0 chemicals. I think it's very healthful for me!

    I've read that Stevia in the Raw is really 95.8% table sugar.

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    sassysas22 says

    I'm a huge fan of Stevia In The Raw! I actually recently picked up their baker's bag and have started using it in some of my cookie recipes…there's a cheesecake recipe on the bag that's really good too. The best part is that it measures cup for cup just like sugar…so no need for converting.

    I'm not sure where yodasmith read that it's sugar, b/c the only ingredients listed are stevia extract and maltodextrin… and it's zero calories.

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    Becky says

    I don't use it myself, but my mother is on a sugar-free and very restricted diet. Tea is one of the few luxuries she's still been able to hold on to, thanks to stevia. I do think it has a bit of a different taste to it than sugar, and haven't been able to adjust yet. Maybe someday.