Ah, spring

Little signs of spring are everywhere now, and despite all the itchy eyes and sneezing that comes along with fresh flowers, I’m so in love with this time of year.

The tree in our front yard is so pretty when it’s full of white blooms like it is now.

The ferns have started to unfurl. If you blink you might miss this part.

We’ve got some baby spinach coming up in the garden.

I always forget we have a few of these little bells planted in the side garden.

These perennials I planted a few years ago are some of the first to come up there.

My hen and chicks are starting to replicate again. (Actually they grew nicely inside all winter and have just been put on the front porch again).

It’s almost too much for my little gnome to handle.

I’m really enjoying these eggs we have been getting from a local farmer. The yolks are just unbelievably huge and orangey.

And strawberries. How I’ve missed you!