Loving: Fed up with school lunch

Have you read this blog? It is amazing.

Obviously this doesn’t affect me much since I don’t have children to worry about, but I think for the greater good we should all be concerned about how our tax money goes for kids to eat highly processed foods with very little actual nutrition.

Growing up I remember liking our elementary school lunches a lot. If you didn’t want what they were having that day, you could get a hamburger (which I believe was actually vegetarian) or go through the salad bar. I’m sure a lot of it was mixes and frozen chicken nuggets, but it wasn’t that bad. But in middle school, you could also come for breakfast, and if you didn’t want to eat the regular breakfast, you could have cookies instead. Everyone I knew ate the cookies. For breakfast.

In high school it was seriously uncool to eat school lunch so everyone brought their own. Or you could leave campus and go out to eat. But on Fridays they had Papa John’s pizza and Subway subs, and sometimes I had that. We definitely had pop machines, and there was some kind of business class that ran a snack stand in the cafeteria.

I only took one cooking class in school, and the only things I remember making were cream puffs and cinnamon twists. So when I think about it, it’s a pretty mixed message to preach about nutrition to kids but not actually give them any. I hope things are getting better on this front. My sense is that the tide is turning.

I fight the convenience vs. health battle everyday, and I know it’s tough. But I think we can do better.