Wedding details

In reading way too many wedding blogs, I’ve come to the conclusion that all modern weddings must contain these elements:

-Flowers in bottles, jars, or other found objects
-Cruiser bikes
-Mustaches on sticks
-Cupcakes or macarons
-Letterpress paper goods
-Dresses from Anthropologie
-Fabric flags
-Chuck Taylors

There are definitely these moments as bride-to-be when you have to take a deep breath and remind yourself that nobody will care if you don’t have lollipops and paper umbrellas. But it is hard, with all those adorable inspirations out there, to ask yourself what you really want your wedding to look like. What is our style? What is important to us and our friends and family? For me, DIY elements are very important. That’s just who I am. But there will be no letterpress, and probably no macarons. And that’s okay.

There will be Chucks, though. And they are so freakin’ cute.