Making progress in the garden

Mike and I spent most of the day Sunday working on the yard and trying to get our garden fully planted. Our tomato and pepper transplants arrived from Seed Savers, and after a little late freeze scare, we decided to get them in the ground.

I think this year will be our best garden yet. We’ve had three years to play with different setups and find out what works and doesn’t work here (and also what we will actually use). So this year’s garden will contain:

-Tomatoes (Amish paste, purple cherokee, brandywine and a cherry tomato variety)
-Peppers (red bell peppers than we can also pick green, small hot peppers)
-Beets (chiogga and yellow)
-Greens (spinach, two kinds of red lettuce, and a pretty green lettuce)

We’ve almost got a full salad already.

I’ve made the front porch a dedicated space for herbs in pots. So far I have sweet basil, Thai basil, thyme, and dill. I want to get oregano and cilantro, too.

We realized pretty quickly that we weren’t going to have room for everything in the backyard garden, so we picked a spot in our side flower garden to use for overflow. Last year we tried growing a watermelon there, but it didn’t work.

I still need to do some work on the side garden to make it look a little better. We have rose bushes, some perennial flowers that are just starting to bloom, and a bunch of bulbs that were there long before us. I just need to mulch around those plants and add the overflow vegetables there.

We also moved two hostas that were in a raised bed in the backyard to a shadier bed and covered them with black mulch. We’re going to use the sunnier spot that they used to be in for zucchini, which for some reason died last year.

To be honest, our yard is so overgrown in parts that it really needs a lot of landscaping help and tree removal to look truly great. But since we’re just renting, we are only going to do enough work to make it tolerable while we’re here, and to get the most out of our garden.

Thank goodness I have Mike to mow the lawn! (I really hate that part.)

There is one part of the yard that drives me absolutely crazy. In between our screened-in porch and the garage you can see an area (maybe 4 by 10 feet) that’s completely overgrown. I’m calling it the secret garden. We tried to cover it with river rocks a while back, but since we didn’t put plastic underneath, the weeds just grew through the rocks. I want to fix it, but it’s a lot of work I’m not looking forward to redoing. We’ll see how motivated I am…

I was going to show you more photos of our progress, but unfortunately it has been raining for three days and I haven’t gotten a chance to finish the side garden. We’re out of town this weekend so I won’t get to do it then either. I guess it will just have to wait for sunnier days!