Side garden – done!

I had to dig up some of my mulch work to finish the side garden, but it was worth the effort to cross that off my checklist.

When I walked over there yesterday I noticed that not only is the big rose bush in full bloom (this is what they look like),

but another rose bush over there has lots of buds on it. I don’t think one has ever bloomed since we’ve lived here, so I’m excited to see what it looks like.

I did end up moving some of the little pink and white flowers to fill in one of the holes, so now they form a straight line across the front of the garden.

In back I added a shasta daisy and a purple coneflower plant.

I LOVE daisies of all kinds, and I think they will look great once that other plant blooms with yellow-orange flowers.

I chose prairie-type flowers because I love them, and they are perennials that will keep coming back!

At the farmers market I bought an oregano plant and a cilantro plant to round out my herb pot garden. It’s still looking great on the front porch.

Both of our Amish paste tomato plants died in the back yard. We think perhaps they were not as able to survive cold temps as the other ones that we planted at the same time. We got some San Marzano plants to replace them, so we’ll see how those do. I suspect they like it warm, so they should be happy with our high 80s temps this week.

Happy gardening!