Strawberry pie fail, sort of

Strawberries were super cheap at the store last weekend, so I bought two pounds. With half a recipe of pie crust leftover from my quiche, I knew exactly what to do with those berries: make pie!

I adapted this recipe from Smitten Kitchen to work with strawberries only, and it looked beautiful going into the oven. But when it came out … strawberry soup.

Despite a quarter cup of cornstarch, those berries put out enough water to render it useless. I will say, though, that after draining off some of the juice, that pie was darn tasty.

Next time I think I will use the technique that I use in rhubarb crisp, which is to heat the berries on the stovetop first, then add the cornstarch and make sure it thickens before I put it in the crust. I don’t think the filling would get overcooked with the extra cooking time, but if I needed to dial back the baking time, I think the crust would still get done. That was no problem.

Do you have a good strawberry pie recipe?