The week in photos

We grabbed the last jar of strawberry jam from a berry farm stand at the farmers market. They only sell it for a couple weeks a year, so you have to get it while you can.

The paper has many uses.

Shortcakes. Recipe here.

Our first wedding gift. It’s a handmade cutting board – absolutely beautiful.

Sadie snoozin’. From my photos it probably seems like this is all she does. Which is pretty much true. Sometimes she barks in the backyard.

Fingerless gloves I have been making. I ended up with a lot of partial skeins (two of each color) from knitting poufs with double strands. I figured I better start knitting for fall now while I have the time.

Experimenting with foam cubes as pouf filling. Five orders this week is keeping me busy!

Actually, we got so busy, Mike and I forgot to celebrate our anniversary. Our first date was June 3, 2004. So, believe it or not, it has been six years! Can’t wait to marry that guy.