The wedding to-do list

Engagement photo by Joe Crimmings

We are now less than three months away from the wedding, and after a very long engagement in which I haven’t done much at all, it’s time to get serious about the rest of the planning. I made a list of everything left to do, and it is looooong. But I’m not panicking yet. Yet.

We still need to:

-pick out menswear
-make our food decisions
-pick out rings
-order flowers
-write our ceremony and vows (this might be the hardest part)
-buy plane tickets and make reservations for our honeymoon in Spain
-test cake recipes and proportions for the pans we have
-Make the decorations, table numbers, goodie bags, etc.
-Send the invitations and collect RSVPs
-Find a dog/house sitter
-Make a photo montage

And a few other things…

So yeah, it’s a lot. Somehow making a list makes it feel more manageable.

If I have time next week I’m going to start working on the cake recipes. Thank goodness the bloggers at Smitten Kitchen and Joy the Baker have tackled this project already and offered their tips/recipes.

I am thinking of getting this DIY cake topper set from Etsy. It even comes with an extra bride and groom, in case of a mess-up (or if Mike wants a set for the chocolate cake he’s making).

I have been keeping an inspiration file of photos on my computer to help me wade through the sea of ideas out there. Honestly, the biggest challenge is deciding what to do out of all the possibilities. Having a tight budget has made it a lot easier to make decisions, and to feel like we are truly creating this wedding from our own hands.

These are some of the ideas I really want to incorporate into the wedding:

*Starting at the top, blue glass Mason jars with ribbon around the tops (for holding candles or flowers)

*A clothesline where guests can hang bits of marriage advice

*Goodie jars with cute patterned lids

*A brown cardigan with a cute flower. With the weather being cooler up there, I’ll need something to go with my sleeveless dress. I actually have a cute brown cardigan, and I’m sure I could make a flower pin.

*Hanging lights and colorful paper poufs for the reception area. Have you ever seen those light bulb string lights in a store?

*A simple cake with white frosting and a cute topper

*A table set up with old family wedding photos

*Big balloons!