The weekend in photos

Kind of ironic after my last post about freelancing, but last week was one of those where it was like everything happened at once work-wise. That’s another thing I’ve noticed is work seems to happen all at once or not at all. And you have to use those down times for something productive because they suddenly disappear.

Anyway, I finally got a break over the weekend to do some yard work, and Mike and I had a fun time riding our bikes around the neighborhood. Ragbrai training plan: ride to Snookies, eat ice cream cone, ride back.

Anyway, I decided to go on a weed-killing cleanup mission in the backyard because it was starting to look like a jungle. I cleared out the space behind our garage, which had been so overgrown you couldn’t walk back there, and our neighbor offered to weed whack the edges so that it was completely clear.

(Unfortunately it revealed just how badly our garage needs to be painted!)

This means I can finally tackle the “secret garden” spot in between our house and garage. I dug out all the weeds and baby trees and discovered all the rocks underneath that we had put in two years ago. I’m starting to scrape them back so we can put down a cover, then replace the rocks on top.

The rest of the yard is always going to get weedy unless we put down some more mulch, but I just don’t know how much more money I want to invest in our yard, since we’re renters.

One fun thing: After the first coneflower in our side garden died and we bought a second one, I noticed that a lone coneflower was growing out of the brush pile in our backyard.

So we’d had one all along. The little guy got a bit trampled by the dogs, but it still looks pretty good.

I weeded the garden some more and found that the yellow hot peppers are ready to pick, and that some of the beets are crowning.

I’m very excited to have these with dinner.

The other day I made stuffed shells, and I just had to take a picture because they looked so yummy. I just used a bit of ricotta mixed with parmesan cheese and black pepper for the filling.

Mike went up to Minneapolis over the weekend and found a suit for the wedding. We also sent out our invites and got several other items checked off our list, so we’re feeling a lot better about things. I’m dying to go ring shopping now.

This is the hair pin I’m going to wear. Isn’t it gorgeous?

And if you want one for yourself, go here.