The secret life of breadcrumbs

I don’t even remember how this came up, but one day Mike and I were looking at labels of things in our cabinets and we noticed that the item with the most ingredients was … breadcrumbs. Yeah.

I like how the label says “plain.”

I had been buying them to use in my tofu nut loaf without ever having looked to see what was in them. I guess I just assumed bread – simple.

But no. There have to be more ingredients in this can than in a piece of mystery meat. I guess keeping them good at room temperature is a feat of science.

So we looked at other breadcrumbs in the store, just to see if there was anything better. This was the back of the panko bread crumb can.

Needless to say, we’re switching. And if I can make them fresh, I’ll do that, too. But sometimes when you’re pressed for time you do reach for the can.

Just thought you might like to hear about our little discovery. It sure surprised me.