Checking in on the checklist

It’s now less than two months until the wedding, and we’ve accomplished a lot of planning in the last week or so.

Remember the old checklist?

pick out menswear
-make our food decisions
-pick out rings
-order flowers
-write our ceremony and vows
buy plane tickets and make reservations for our honeymoon in Spain
test cake recipes and proportions for the pans we have
-Make the decorations, table numbers, goodie bags, etc.
Send the invitations and collect RSVPs
Find a dog/house sitter
-Make a photo montage

I also got my second rosette pin made, got the cake toppers in the mail, figured out some travel logistics, and Mike assigned some people to bring speakers and run the music.

I had my dress fitting, which was lovely up until the point where they told me that the alterations were going to cost $291. WTF?! I could buy a whole other dress for that. I also have to come in for a second fitting, and then another time after they press it. Which would be a lot better if this place wasn’t a 45-minute drive away.

I’ll be honest – we had a little financial freakout after that and buying the plane tickets to Spain. But we are just trying to take it one step at a time. Many things still can’t be done until about a month before the wedding. And we will get there.