Grow, baby, grow

Last week it was rain, rain, rain. This week it’s sun, sun, sun. Needless to say, our plants are very happy.

(And we’re hoping it’s not flood, flood, flood like two years ago.)

The lilies finally opened,

and the coneflowers did, too.

Sadly, something decided to eat 2/3 of the hot pepper plant I had planted on the side of the house, but it looks like it’s leafing out again.

I spotted one little eggplant this morning. So cute! Hope nothing decides to eat it.

I think the eggplant flowers are so pretty. Okra flowers are still my favorite, but these are a close second.

As I headed to the back yard I found the Sadie in one of her favorite spots. She’s figured out how to lift the handle of the gate with her nose. Such an escapist.

In other fence news, we got a new one! Our landlord decided to replace the dilapidated fence on one side of the yard.

I still don’t think it will do much if we have blizzards like we did last year, but it’s a heck of a lot better than the repairs we attempted (which were broken 3 times by falling trees).

In the veggie garden, the beets are almost ready and the carrots are coming along. Everything looks so lush and green.

We got our first red tomato (a cherry one), and I can start to see little bundles of San Marzanos growing now.

Everyday the zucchini plant gets more massive.

This is the biggest zucchini I can see. I am trying to hold back the urge to pick it now.