DIY microwave popcorn

This was like a revelation for me. And it’s so simple it’s ridiculous.

I have been addicted to these little packs of lime and salt popcorn for snacks.

But then I read something (maybe in Readymade?) about how you can make your own microwave popcorn in a paper sack.

So I tried it, and it worked. And then I felt dumb for not thinking of it myself.

Here’s what I did:

I got a bag of regular paper lunch sacks and some popcorn kernels (these were tiny, so you might have to adjust the time for bigger kernels).

I put 1/4 a cup of kernels in a sack and drizzled on about a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Don’t worry if your bag gets oily. It’s supposed to.

Then I microwaved it for two minutes, stopping it when I heard the kernals slowing down (it was about a minute and a half).

The popcorn came out just fine. I got a lot of old maids the first time, but haven’t since. I tried popping it for a minute and 45 seconds once, but then I got a bunch of burned kernels.

After it comes out, salt it generously. You could also use it to make a snack mix or caramel corn or popcorn balls or whatever your heart desires!

Wedding memories from grandma

This is the cake topper from my grandparents’ wedding in August of 1949.

I was admiring it a couple of times at my grandma’s house, so she gave it to me. To borrow, of course.

We’re not using it on the cake, as it’s pretty delicate and I don’t want anything to happen to it. But we will display it at the wedding, for sure.

Last week I got a handwritten letter from my grandma and she included some memories from her wedding day. I had to share some of it with you:

Horace and I scheduled Aug. 14 for the day. One problem — the minister would be on vacation! So we had to scout that area of Tulsa for Methodist minister. (Horace always contended that Rev. looked more like jail escapee than ordained minister!)

All in all the wedding came off without disaster — and my parents avoided bankruptcy by having the rehearsal dinner at our home and reception at church.

About the honeymoon:

Wasn’t much of a cabin, but it was cool, and had a “kitchenette” of sorts. We were grateful for quiet, peaceful place to begin life together — a long one!

I have to tell you as the wedding gets closer I get teary reading this sort of thing. I’m hoping to hear more stories at my shower this weekend…