Bridal shower – success!

Yesterday I had my bridal shower in Lawrence. We asked my Aunt Lark to take charge of the food preparation, as she is a phenomenal cook and hostess. She agreed to make Italian food (inspired by “Eat, Pray, Love”, which is about to come out in movie form).

On the menu:

•Antipasto tray
•Caprese salad, with my heirloom tomatoes

•Pasta primavera with roasted veggies and pesto
•Greens salad with walnuts and shaved parmesan cheese, fig vinaigrette

•And everyone’s favorite part, rustic nectarine galettes


My sister was the master pastry roller.

My mom did a fabulous job with decorations.

She found several vintage items, including the wedding bells,

and a headpiece for the ceramic dog.

Poor Charlotte, we made her wear a garter the whole time.

The only fail was the paper flowers.

Though they are adorable, they were waaay overly complicated to put together. And when I finally got four of them together, they kept coming apart because the double sided tape didn’t stick.

Next time, tissue paper poufs.

I realized that I didn’t take any photos of people! I must have been too busy eating and socializing.

We played one game (How well do you know Cara?), which my best friend Erin won.

Then I asked for marriage advice. I’m soaking it up lately.

Some pearls:

• The times when you least want to talk are the times you most need to.
• Don’t be obsessed with winning the argument. Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?
• You have to be responsible for your own happiness. Of course you want to make each other happy, but you can’t depend on someone else for your happiness.
• Make your family a priority

I hear over and over that laughter is so important, as is the friendship at the center of your relationship.

And very appropriately, a friend sent me this quote from Liz Gilbert (author of “Eat, Pray, Love”) from her latest book:

“Marriage survives, in other words, precisely because it evolves.”

Well said.