Ragbrai – we made it!

OK, so we only did one day. But considering how insane things have been lately, I consider it a huge accomplishment. We rode about 55 miles, from Clear Lake to Charles City. I had never actually been to the lake part of Clear Lake, so it was nice to sit by the water. We also had amazing accomodations in a local’s lake house.

The day before had been brutally hot and humid, but we got lucky that overnight rain cooled things off, and it stayed overcast most of the morning. I will say, though, that even when it’s in the low 80s it feels pretty toasty when you’re out in the sun for several hours. And I have the dorky tan lines to prove it.

Dad with rhubarb pie.

We skipped Chris Cakes pancakes for breakfast and opted for Farm Boys burritos instead. Check out the line!

During the ride we had burritos, fruit smoothies, corn on the cob, pie, and Pastafari pasta. That doesn’t include breakfast or dinner, or the Clif bar that I dropped on the ground and ate anyway.

The best part of the day was definitely when we stopped for corn on the cob.

Someone had rigged a giant swing over their pond, so people were paying $5 each to swing into the water.

Erin’s fiance, Jason, took a turn. He executed a perfect back flip and the crowd cheered.

Apparently later in the day they had to close it down because too many people decided to go topless.

My stepmom got a nice shot of a windfarm on the side of the road.

The scenery was just what you would expect from rural Iowa. I could have done without some of the smells, though!

Afterward we were pretty wiped out. Can’t remember the last time I’ve slept so hard.

Congrats to Erin and Jason for completing the whole ride. You’re amazing!