T-minus one week

The shore of Lake Superior at Lutsen Resort.

So the wedding is a week from today. It’s felt really far away for so long — it’s hard to believe it’s actually happening.

I had a massage this morning (from the uber-talented Bridget). That was a good idea.

I have approximately one million more little things to do before the wedding. But not too many big ones. I have short moments of freaking out, but mostly I am calm.

Brianne made me cry last night. I’m sure those were the first of many tears!

On another note, I was wondering if any of you have advice on places we should visit during our honeymoon to Spain.

We’re starting in Barcelona, then traveling south to Valencia, Ronda, Grenada, and Sevilla. There is so much to see. Obviously we have guide books, but I’d rather have personal advice.

Better get back to my to-do list…