Wedding blogs

When you’re planning a wedding the volume of information out there can be totally overwhelming. It helped me a lot to add just a few blogs to my reader — the ones that captured the spirit and aesthetic of the wedding I wanted to have. I also got a subscription to Martha Stewart Weddings, but I pretty much limited myself to those.

Here’s what I read, and why I loved them:

Once Wed – This was the first wedding blog I started reading, and the first one I noticed featuring DIY weddings with stellar photography. Plus, they promote the idea of the used wedding dress, which I love.

A Practical Wedding – Far and away the best wedding blog, in my opinion, because writer Meg addresses not only the wedding, but the marriage itself. What a concept! Brides pour their hearts into wedding graduate posts, and I love the thoughtful conversations sparked on topics like family drama, same sex unions, and having kids.

Brooklyn Bride – Obviously I don’t live in Brooklyn, but I’m often inspired by the chic urban weddings featured here. There are plenty of ideas you can use in your wedding, no matter where it is.

100 Layer Cake – This blog is pretty, pretty, pretty. Written by three designers, it features all sorts of inspiration and DIY projects.

The Bride’s Guide, from MSW – At times the Martha Stewart Weddings blog is a little over the top for me, but it’s still a good source of projects and advice on etiquette and tradition.

iDIY – It’s pretty self-explanatory. Lots of helpful project ideas.

A DIY Wedding Day – This one has less frequent posts, but still some good ideas.

Offbeat Bride – Many of these weddings are really offbeat, but they still inspire you to think out of the box and to realize that you are in charge of creating your own tradition.

Ruffled – This one’s all about vintage inspired weddings. The photos are absolutely beautiful. Since I’m incorporating some vintage elements into mine, I connect with this blog a lot.