Another wedding weekend

Remember these people?

Well, last weekend Erin and Jason got their turn to be bride and groom, and it was yet another perfectly personalized celebration of love.

Erin was the most organized bride you’ve ever seen. She had instructional packets for just about everyone involved, and she made sure everyone was in the right place at the right time. And she was crafty, too!

I loved her bouquets of gerbera daisies, complete with little bundles of dried hops. (Many of the wedding details were beer-themed, since Erin and Jason both love to home brew).

The bridesmaids were all gorgeous, talented, interesting women that I loved getting to know. One of them even flew in from Vietnam, where she was doing some work prior to the wedding.

These beautiful ladies were in charge of handing out programs.

I’ll have some more photos and DIY details for you later, but I just wanted to share how much fun I had. Congrats to the ‘hoppy’ couple!