Quick wedding recap

I don’t have the official photos back from our wedding photographers yet, but I wanted to get a little snapshot of the day up here as soon as I could. So I cobbled together some photos that Mike’s dad, my stepmom, and others took. I think it tells the story pretty well.

In short, the wedding was everything I hoped it would be and then some. I was ready for things to be less than perfect, and some things did go wrong (our event coordinator quit four days before the wedding, the forecast was for really chilly weather, etc.). But in the end it was as close to a perfect day as I ever could have asked for. Things fell into place, all my DIY work paid off, and people looked like they were having a blast. My mom read a wedding limerick. There was an impromptu Michael Jackson dance-off. Mike’s parents did the polka to Ke$ha’s “Take It Off.” We roasted marshmallows. We ordered 12 extra bottles of wine. It was bliss.

I will write a longer post later, but you can read about some more of the DIY details on the Fresh Home blog.