Things have been pretty crazy around here since we got back from California, as you can imagine. We decided to go with a PODS container to ship our stuff to CA, so they came pretty early to pick it up.

Mike got the job of trying to fit the last bunch of stuff in the back of the container at around 11 p.m. when we found out they were picking it up a day earlier than we thought.

The dogs are a bit weirded out by what’s going on, but as long as they have an inflatable bed to sleep on, they’re OK.

Sadie made sure the dog food bin was completely clean before we packed it up.

Then both the dogs snoozed in perfect alignment on the empty carpet.

It’s kind of weird to be camping in your own house. I would say it’s kind of fun, but all we have left to do is scrub everything clean. Not fun!

At least we got a little break for Thanksgiving. We went to Kansas and overstuffed ourselves for three days straight. And since we knew we wouldn’t be home for our Christmas morning tradition, we went ahead and made that too.

Bubble bread! I know most people call it monkey bread, but I think my name is more fitting.

And before I left I made Charlotte model for some photos with my poufs.

She’s such a good model. And she only wants to be paid in dog biscuits.