A few of my favorite things

My goodness, I am feeling spoiled.

Little gifts kept appearing on my desk yesterday. Mike gave me these earrings from Zoko’s Etsy shop, that I had been eyeing (they sell them at the yoga studio where I teach).

I also got Snow & Graham’s 2011 calendar from my dad. It’s gorgeous!

My sister sent a copy of Paper + Craft, a fun book with lots of crafty paper projects.

And Brianne gave me this amazing book, full of home-y projects.

I am already dying to make this crocheted rope rug.

Sarah, who’s sister designed the graphic on that cute card, gave me one of her adorable sweater owls.

And I gifted myself some new soft wool yarn.

The potluck was a huge success, too. I think everyone went home with a full belly. And I was glad to know it’s pretty easy to make my tart recipe in miniature.

I’d say 30 is pretty awesome so far!