A walk in the neighborhood

We have had so much rain lately. So. Much. Rain. So when the sun comes out, you have to take advantage, and it did this morning.

I took the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. Even though it was sunny here, it was foggy over the city, so I still couldn’t get you a decent photo of the bridge. It’s funny, sometimes you can see it best on a cloudy day, but with no fog.

Some of my neighbors are in the Christmas spirit. The decorations look a bit out of place, but I still appreciate them.

Bumper stickers are pretty entertaining around here.

Alrighty then.

I’ve decided we need to get a hummingbird feeder.

I’ve already seen a few different varieties twitting around, and I want to see them in our yard.

Also, I kept seeing these darling birdhouses in people’s yards and wondering where I could get one. They look just like miniature versions of real houses.

Then last weekend I saw a truck full of them while I was out shopping. It turns out there’s a Web site called BerkeleyRusticBirdhouses.com that sells them!

We also checked out this very full and popular diner called Bette’s that is known for giant puff pancakes. We opted for eggs instead, which are cooked extra soft with gourmet (at least for diner food) toppings. I loved it. I thought it was a rare place that was totally worth the hype and the 45-minute wait.